Samsung to drag Apple to court over iPhone 5

Samsung has declared that it will take Apple to court as soon as it is able to analyze the iPhone 5. The basic part in which Samsung threatens is that the iPhone 5 supports the 4G LTE networks. Samsung is claiming that it is possible that the iPhone 5 may have violated its 4G patent.

In a filling that was submitted to the US Northern District court in California, last Wednesday, Samsung confirmed that he is ready to raise a legal battle against the Apple device, iPhone 5, after it had been able to examine and analyze it.

Samsung stood up on action after Apple announced the iPhone 5, making it known that it would flag up sales on 21 September which will affect the legal hearing scheduled for March 2014.

Samsung has not really analyzed the iPhone 5, the filing is only based on the information currently circulating and will activate the file with amendments immediately it is able to check out the device technologies both on hardware and software.

The report revealed that based on the information it has gotten, Samsung believes that the iPhone 5 will infringe on eight different patents and Samsung is already ascertaining that in the California lawsuit against the Cupertino giant.

Samsung does not want to affect the scheduled hearing, so it has not moved to file up a preliminary injunction to ban the device from importation and sales in the US.

Apple also submitted a filing stating to amend its proceedings to add the Galaxy Note 10.1 as it had added Galaxy S III three weeks ago. Apple is also marking the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating system as a technology to challenge.

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