Android Vs iPhone: What App Programming To Learn?

There is no doubt that Apple has large number of programmers working for iPhone to create amazing apps. However, things are changing gradually. In the recent years, Android manage to capture a large user base due to its amazing Os, Open source and a huge number of new users.

If you are planning to learn new programming language to create apps, you might be in a difficult situation. You might have thought, what programming language should I learn?

Don’t worry, In this post I am going to explain what programming language you should opt for and what will be the future of both iPhone and Android app market.

Apple is known to be the greatest mobile phone company with more than 1.4 billion user world-wide while Android has 2 billion active user world wide.

If you go by the statics, you might think that Android has more potential over Apple. However, the same is not true. Android may have more user base but the consumer of Apple and Android are different from many aspect.

Apple captures mostly European countries while Android targets Asian countries. Apple has more apps which are paid as compared to Android play store.

Also you should note that Android is more vulnerable to piracy than Apple. There are numerous sites which provides paid apps for free. One such site is called Apkpureapp, that provides a large number of paid apps, mods and games for free.

While Apple apps are almost impossible to crack and are not available on pirated sites. This is the reason, programmers are interested more in Apple compared to Android

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