Tips To Curing Acne

Acne does most often break out on teenagers because they are at a time when their hormones are operating in overdrive. Because of this the three main causes of acne, increased oil production, excess of dead skin cells and bacteria trapped under the skin, are generally more prevalent within this age group.Teens are expected to be more responsible for their personal hygiene. But they don’t always know how to care properly for their skin. With the carelessness of youth, they quite often abuse it. They are also usually less likely to eat a proper diet, which can lead to imbalances in their bodies.

The question now rises how to control or cure this acne problem.What Are The Best Acne Treatment ?

Acne generally begins at puberty and can last several years. Sometimes it lasts even into adulthood. It is important that you first try a daily skin care regimen to control the development of acne. If the problem becomes worse over time then it is time to talk to a dermatologist. It is important that you see a doctor as soon as you notice there is a problem, otherwise scarring may occur. There are treatment options to heal scarring, but it is better to prevent it from happening

Here are the 4 guaranteed ways to remove acne scar
1. Chemical peels can improve small, depressed scars and some larger scars.THe remaining acne scar may be peeled by removing comedones.

2. Dermabrasion, originally developed as a procedure to treat acne scars is still a procedure commonly used for that purpose. It reach deeper layers of skin than a chemical peel and is a good choice for treating both deeper and hypertrophic scars.

3. Laser treatment of acne scars is a newer technology but one that can be very effective in selected patients. The various energy and tissue-penetrating power of different lasers may be used to treat complex scars.

4. Soft-tissue augmentation is capable of correcting some atrophic (loss of tissue) scars. Injections of subcutaneous fat or collagen under the scars elevates them to bring the surface of the scars even with the surface of surrounding skin. You might need to repeat this procedure from over time.


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