NANO Engineered Applications Inc.

Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. is focused on commercializing patent pending, air-borne chemical detection technology. With NEA’s cost-effective and scalable fabrication techniques, this research advancement can be transformed into portable devices that detect minute quantities of harmful air-borne substances.

NEA concentrates on addressing the critical chemical and gas-detection needs of a broad spectrum of global industries:

· The technology uses functionalized carbon nanotubes (tubular carbon molecules) that are 100,000 times finer than human hair and when functionalized are able to detect a multitude of targeted air-borne substances.

· Near term, Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. will focus on product design for low power, high-density sensors. These sensors will be able to be integrated into portable devices, such as cell phones, and detect gases in the air, in real-time. NEA plans to enter the global market with low-cost solutions for easily monitoring harmful chemicals and air-borne toxins.

Market Potential
Nano Engineered Applications’ technology can be adapted for use in a broad spectrum of global industries, including:

· Agriculture: detecting concentrations of pesticides
· Industrial: monitoring evaporation and leaks when using or storing combustible gases
· Homeland security: Warning systems for bio-terrorism
· Military: detecting chemical warfare agents